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Linear Shafts (Hardenend & Chrome Plated)
Linear Shafts (Hardenend & Chrome Plated)
The slide shaft is case hardened and ground steel shafting. Since the linear shaft acts as the inner race of aball bushing, the specifications such as surface hardness, depth of hardness, surface roughness, cylindricity, and straightness are very important factors for bearing life. The slide shafts are manufactured to required linear motion   specifications.

These Shafts  are  (g6) ISO tolerance shafts for high grade bearings and h5 tolerance for precision grade bearings. Shaft diameters ¼ “ to 2” and also (440C) stainless steel shafts in (g6) tolerance 1/8" to 1" are available for applications requiring corrosion resistance. For open type linear motion bearings, standard pre-drilled shafts are also available.

Sizes Dia:  6 mm to 80 mm ,
Length: 1000mm – 2000 mm
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