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Linear Bearings
Linear Bearings
Linear Bushing is a high precision linear motion rolling guide which travels along the shaft to achieve endless linear motion. In the external cylinder, a retainer , steel balls, end plates etc. are compactly incorporated. Wide variations in size are available for selections suitable for each applications. For each dimensional series, standard  adjustable clearence and open types are available with and without seals so the best linear bushing for the applications may be selected.

Sizes available from Bore: 2mm to 100 mm
Inches: 1/4 " to 4 " 
Series: LBD , LBE, LM  (Steel cage)
Inches: LBB , LMB (Steel Cage)
Open type: LBD ..OP
Adjustable: LBD ..AJ Sea.
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Compact Linear Bushing
Compact Linear Bushing
Compact Linear Bushing is a linear motion rolling guide, incorporated steel balls and a retainer compactly in an external cylinder which is made from a thin special-steel plate by precision drawing, carburizing and quenching. It can be used to greatly reduce the size and weight of linear motion part of a machine, because its sectional height is as small as 4 to 5 mm and it is mounted directly on the shaft which is used as the race way .Steel balls are guided accurately by the retainer, so frictional resistance is small and a highly accurate linear motion can be obtained.

Sizes available from Shaft Dia: 16 mm to 30mm
Series:  LK 1630 (KH 1630) , LK1630 UU (both side Sealed)
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